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Since I picked up the bass, I have been looking for plans on how to build my own guitar..

Ya know, just in case I want to do it myself. is a great site offering links to resources necessary to build your own guitar, plans and a project gallery that will get the creative juices flowing.  A great link for the budding luthier.

4 thoughts on “Link of the week”

  1. How’s the bass practice coming? Any particular style you’re studying? I saw the funk video you linked. Funk will come back, ya know.

  2. It’s going well…. Learning from YouTube. I’m getting into reggae because it’s very easy to pick up. I’m planning on starting some classes later this month to get a better handle on things.

    I did upgrade my strings to some premium Ernie Ball ones… it has made a difference in the sound. I also bought a metronome so I can figure out how to improve my timing.

    This really reminds me of those first months of woodworking where every project was a discovery…

  3. My son plays bass for a ska band (an off shoot of reggae) called “Ruskabank” in the Manhattan, Kansas area. They were a “bigtime” deal a few years ago when he was in college and made a few cd’s.


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