A block of time

This is always a strange time of the year for me.

From January through April, our office spends a lot of time getting ready for hurricane season.  From April through September, we do a lot of talks and other public presentations.  From September through early November, we spend a lot of time cataloging our accomplishments and making notes for the next year.

Then, from November through Christmas, my wife and I spend a large amount of time getting ready for the holidays.

Finally, after the Christmas roast is put away, I get about ten days off.

I mark this time off on my calendar very early in the year.  Those May or June nights when I drive  home sometime after 9:30 p.m. after my third hurricane talk of the day, I think about this week.  I long for it.

Now it’s here!

What should I do?

It’s always a tough decision. A whole week of free time.  I turn the work phone off, let any work pile up on the desk back at the office and just be.

Part of me wants to sleep in, play video games and just goof off with the kids.

Another part wants to get active with the family and go places we’ve never been to do things we haven’t done. Why, a visit to the Florida Craftsman Gallery sounds like it would be a fun trip.

There’s also the list of projects that has been sitting around unfinished, needing a solid block of time and effort to reach completion.  For instance, with our counter tops in, now I have to tile the back splash.  Yes, that’s on today’s agenda.

And, then there are the final touches to put on the cradle for donation. And, some finishing touches on a special art project that has been in the shop since July.

There’s football.

Oh, and yes, the shop does need to be cleaned up!

You know, this week is a great one to get most – if not all – of that stuff done…

After my next cup of coffee.

4 thoughts on “A block of time”

  1. Tom,
    Enjoy your break. I get the week off every year too as our office is closed from Christmas to new years. Unfortunately, I had to spend this morning at the office setting up emergency repairs for this week (I manage the repair department at our roofing firm). Between phone and email I hardly got anything done. Now I’m just hoping that the phone stays quiet enough (I can’t turn it off until Thursday) that I can have some nice family time and assemble my new table saw.

    Don’t rush through that next cup of joe,

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