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‘Tis the season…

When we build projects for relatives on our gift list.

Sure, there have been years when Aunt Mable wants a cutting board, mom wants a picture frame and your cousin Vinny wants a cigar humidor… and you’ve built individual projects for each.

But, it’s so much more efficient to build one kind of project for everyone.  This way, everyone on the list gets the same item built in steps. You can cut all the pieces with the table saw fence set to the right width, cut mortises with the router bits set to the right depth…  It becomes production work.

So, this week, tell us if you have built multiple copies of a particular project and what the largest number of these projects you built at one given time.

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One thought on “Quick Poll”

  1. Birdhouse kits for an eco-adventure program, 30 at a time. And 60 once, for two summer programs at once.

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