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Why should all of our holiday building be geared toward Christmas alone?  There are many Jewish woodworkers and woodworkers with friends who celebrate Hanukkah – why not consider building a craft-made wooden Menorah to help celebrate the holidays?

Woodworker Gary Markow creates some interesting, whimsical and unique Menorahs to light up the eight nights of celebration.

They are available to buy, but, if you would like to build your own to use for your family or to give as a gift, the Wikipedia entry on Menorahs gives a description you should keep in mind when building.

For instance, the eight candles – representing the eight nights that the lamp burned in the Temple during the purification – should all be on the same level, and a ninth called the shamash (sometimes called the  ‘helper candle’) should be mounted higher.

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  1. Thanks Tom,

    That’s a real kick! I’ve been trying to come up with something for some friends that would be specific to their religious beliefs, but a little whimsical as well and you really nailed it.

    Now come up with something for Kwanza! (The gauntlet has been thrown down.)

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