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It’s no secret – woodworkers love woodworking.

However, everyone has a breaking point – some point at which they could be convinced to give up something – even their beloved woodworking.

Imagine if you will, a multi-gazillionaire were to come to your town to make you an offer to give up the craft.  Cold turkey. A truck and a group of workmen would be dispatched to clear your shop of all of your tools and prized timbers, and, once completed, you would get a  briefcase full of cash to use as you wish.  With one caveat.

The terms of this agreement  would be severe –  absolutely no woodworking at all.  If you were to even read a woodworking magazine, participate in an online woodworking forum, even touch a piece of wood that you intended to cut, shape, drill or do other acts of mayhem on – you would have to surrender the money and everything you bought with it.

Would you do it, and for how much?

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5 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. More money only means more to spend on more tools! However, health may take me out of the shop before I want to leave.

  2. With some of the stupid cuts I’ve been making lately, I’d pay them I think!
    (My shop in the only place I have total say, so I can’t give it up!) LOL

  3. I’d take up metalwork or something else … big money could ensure I could buy the tools I needed.

    Wood is an awesome medium, but I could have fun with other things as well. Especially if I could afford the tools:-D

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