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Getting started in woodworking is a tricky business.  One typical route people enter woodworking is through home improvement… and many prospective woodworkers come to the table with your basic tools – a circular saw, a drill, screwdrivers – you know, the basics.

From there, wisely adding to the tool collection is the best way to get your feet under you.

In many cases, budding woodworkers will turn to a more experienced woodworker for that advice, and the most commonly asked questions is, “What should I buy first?”

So, this week, what would you tell that new woodworker? What should be the first tool they set their shops up around?

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8 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Great poll!!

    I had to spend some time thinking about it. Finally concluded a table saw or band saw was almost useless without joinery tools. I voted hand tools.

  2. Assuming that the new woodworker is getting into the hobby from home improvement (like I did), I’d recommend a miter saw, with a table saw a close second. they’re both invaluable in woodworking and the miter saw is slightly more used around the house.

  3. That dovetail picture looks mighty familiar… I’m a big fan of the Taunton Press also.

  4. I voted for the table saw because of the versitily of it. (Cross cut, rip, dado, bevel etc.) But, I guess it really depends on the type of wood work you want to do. Are you making an addition to the house or a rocking chair?


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