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The Tattooed Woodworker

There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ woodworking blogger. Some are older, others younger.  Some love hand tools, others can’t get enough power.

One of the newest bloggers in the woodworking community is Robert Giovannetti a.k.a. The Tattooed Woodworker.  Rob may appear radical, but his love for traditional hand tools comes to the fore in his entries and videos.

Unfortunately, because of his skin art, he has gotten a lot of anonymous flack from some readers who think he has no business writing a blog.  It was so bad a week ago, he nearly pulled his blog off the web and sold his tools.

That would have certainly been a loss for all of us in the woodworking community.

Bloggers such as Rob, Marc Spagnuolo, Matt Vanderlist and scores of others put themselves out there for others to learn from. Folks who take of their time to help others learn the craft have earned my support and a great deal of respect.

If you would like to read the works of other talented and entertaining woodworking bloggers, you can also check out the members of the Wood Whisperer Network.

3 thoughts on “Link of the week”

  1. Thanks for the article Tom. Way to stand up against unfair biases.

    I’m not a tattoo guy. Really don’t like them. However, I can’t see any way tattoos are related to woodworking abilities.

    Robert – You hang in there. We need more hand tool guys like you to pass on the craft.

  2. The Tattooed Woodworker
    I can’t believe that a person would ever be “degraded” by others because of their skin art. People should be judged by their character and skill not by how they look.
    Keep up the good work tattooed one!!!!!
    John Gray
    Effingham, IL
    PS – I have sleeves, tattoos covering both arms, and see how people can judge. If I wear a long-sleeved shirt, which I do most times in public, and people meet me and judge me by my character 1st they seem to accept the art work later when they see me in a T-Shirt.

  3. agree with jhon, not everybody is a bad judge with skin art, all depends on the attitude and skills. I have tattoos on the arms and legs. some people looked at me with a cynical, but more people appreciate the skill and my artwork. success comes from our lives and they can not change our lives.

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