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Let’s face it – our woodworking projects are something we can be very proud of.  Whether a perfectly executed set of kitchen cabinets or an expertly turned piece, we want that work to be identified with us.

For some people, they will name the project they are working on, much as an artist will name a painting or a sculpture.

Some names are basic – “A dining room table”

Some are more descriptive – “Aunt Marge’s Dining Room Table.”

And, some names are very creative and further identify the piece – “The Thanksgiving Tableau.”

This week, I want to know if you have ever named one of your work pieces, and which naming scheme you have used.

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5 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Once built a 8×12 Storage Shed. I made the pitch of the roof very high so I could have space in the “attic” to store lumber. The pitch was so high it looked like a chapel. So we called it the “Chapel”.

  2. Tom,

    Interesting poll. I was split between “a little more” and “creative title” because I do a bit of both.

    I wonder if further research would indicate a correlation between the people who creatively name their pieces and woodworkers who feel they use an artistic approach to designing and creating their pieces (i.e. artistry through woodworking).

    I invest a lot of thought, concerning both mechanical design and creative design, in pretty much every project. As a result, I feel the need to honor the finished product with a title of sorts.

    Maybe I should make it more of an official action, though, with some sort of indicator of a title on the finished piece.

    Thanks for the thought ember…

  3. My first thought was “no way I’d name one of my wwing projects…they’re just furniture pieces”. But then I remembered the guitar I made for my son, which does indeed have a name…”The Deacon”.

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