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Of all the woodworking skills you can learn, turning has got to be one of the most interesting.  You can take a square piece of stock and – quite literally – ‘turn’ it into a graceful, flowing shape. Some people have described is as hypnotic, something they can do for hours while fragrant curls of wood fly from the work.

However, there are also some practical considerations as well. Should the workpiece come free from the lathe, it could fly quickly and injure you if you are not wearing a full face shield.  Then, there’s the challenge of turning identical parts for – say – the four legs of a table.

Finally, there’s the cost.  The lathe, the tools, the right kinds of chucks… well, you could run into quite an expense before you get to put skew chisel or bowl gouge to a workpiece.

This week, I want to know what you think about wood turning…

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  1. Yes, Tom, it is addictive….and that is why I no longer have a lathe!!!! I foound I didn’t have enough time to turn and to do the other woodworking and scrolling that I wanted to do.


  2. While I do love turning, I really look at it much like other aspects of woodworking. It’s a great tool to have and use in consert with the rest of my shop. Turning can enhance square projects, much like the finials on a highboy or other decorative pieces, as well as stand alone turning projects. Besides, if you need a quick gift with a personal touch, nothing is much faster than turning a pen or a bottle stopper. Great gifts that mean a lot, in very short order.

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