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Build a Tie Rack for Dad

tying a tieOK, the tie is the ultimate cop-out Father’s Day gift.  I have gotten ties from my wife and kids on Father’s Day, and I don’t even wear suits.

How do I know that ties are such cop-out gifts? Because I used to give my dad ties for Father’s Day, even though he delivered Coca Cola for a living.

What was I thinking?

Well, if you have given dad plenty of ties in years past, Canadian Home Woodworker has a Father’s Day Tie Rack plan you can easily build in a weekend.  Using a small amount of wood and some lengths of dowel, dad can now have space to hang up to 14 ties in a compact area in his closet.

The perfect place to put those gifts from Father’s Days past.

Oh, and to all you dads out there, Happy Father’s Day to you.

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