What time is it?

For those why may remember the Howdy Doody show (no, I’m not that old, but I am hep on cultural icons), the only answer that could possibly work is “Howdy Doody Time!”

Unfortunately, that’s not the answer I am looking for.  We are saying ‘howdy’ though, it is the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Yes, I know those of you who live anywhere along the coast from Maine to Texas (or those of you who are fortunate enough to call Bermuda, the Bahamas or any of the Caribbean Islands home) know what this means. It’s that time of year to check that you have your hurricane shutters, get your survival kit together and remind yourself what your evacuation zone is.  I usually do that stuff, and then go have myself a Hurricane at one of the local drinking establishments to give me the courage to keep on planning…

June 1 also reminds me how important it is to check the tools I have in my shop.  Yes, I do a quick inventory to ensure that I have everything listed.  Names and model numbers of tools, manufacturer’s serial numbers, descriptions of tools that don’t have model numbers or serial numbers.  I try to cover it all on a list I keep on my computer.  It’s not too tough to maintain once you get it started, but it can be a bear to get started in the first place.

Why have the list?  Well, should the unimaginable happen, I want to make sure that when my insurance company comes calling, I can produce a list of what I own.  This way, it will be easier for them to value the tools I have in the shop and cut me a check to replace those items.

I also take the opportunity to snap a few photos of the collection.  This way, I can show the insurance claims adjustor what kind of tools I have.  Sure, I can’t just lie and tell them I have a brand new Delta Unisaw… but, hey, honesty is the best policy.

Do you need a separate rider on your insurance to cover your more valuable tools?  How about flood insurance?  What other kind of documentation do you need?  These are all great questions.  And, since I’m not an insurance agent, I’ll ask you to give yours a call.  Ask all of the questions now, and not after standing over the wrecked shell of your shop… it will save you some stress.

There is a great organization here in Florida called the Insurance Information Institute, and they have an outstanding page on how to conduct a home inventory.  Definitely worth a look.

Oh, by the way, if you don’t live in hurricane country, there are still earthquakes, ice storms, tornadoes, tsunamis, lightning strikes, flooding from heavy rains, fires, thefts… well, you get the idea.  Getting your tools covered properly will help you get back to the shop afterward.

Just think, only six months to go until the end of hurricane season…

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  1. Don’t fail to put that inventory on a CD or DVD and exchange with a friend. It would be too bad if your computer were trashed with the inventory on it.

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