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A Home dust collectorThere is little doubt that a properly functioning dust collector can make cleaning up at the end of a woodworking session a breeze.  Just a little sweeping and vacuuming can turn a difficult chore into a quick and easy exercise.

But, it’s not just for convenience that woodworkers have dust collection systems.  They can improve the functioning of tools, reduce the amount of contamination you can see in a finish and – most importantly – keep sawdust out of your lungs.

The only problem with dust collectors is that while they do have numerous benefits, they don’t actually cut, shape or joint wood, meaning that some woodworkers see them as an expensive luxury. After all, aren’t we supposed to be working with wood, not running an expensive shop vacuum?

So, this week, I want to know if you have a dust collector and how powerful it is.

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  1. I have several dust collecting devices. A homemade 2- stage stationary dc piped to chop saw and planer, and another 2- stage Delta type on wheels going to ts and jointer. Plus 2 vacs. Wouldn’t/couldn’t work without them! Early on in my woodworking life I remember a couple of times not being able to see from one end of my shop to the other for dust floating in the air.(One of my sanding frenzys).SP? Soon after I started experimenting with dc. It should be a must for all! Tom……….

  2. I have an Oneida 2hp Gorilla and a Powermatic PM1200 Air Filtration System. I put out just over $3000 for my system. It is the best money I have ever spent in woodworking. Dust collection and air filtaration should be an early consideration in woodworking, not one of the last things you purchase.

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