I wish I would have held off…

Veritas Variable Gang SawIt was just last week that I took delivery of my brand new Veritas Dovetail Saw.  I have used it several times and have gotten a lot of practice with it cutting straight lines to a marked strike line.

However, I am kicking myself today for making the move just a bit too early.

If only the folks at Veritas had let me know about their newest and most innovative saw they have ever released.  Today, the wraps were taken off of the Veritas Variable Gang Saw.

Not only is this saw made to the same high-quality specifications as the Veritas Dovetail Saw, but it goes one (actually two) better.  This triple-saw uses a dual-rod rotating axis assembly, which guarantees that by canting one blade, you can get the other to line up perfectly.

Say you want to cut a set of dovetails across the edge of a board… Simply by rotating some heavy duty brass handles, you can align a perfect 6:1, 8:1 or 14 degree dovetail pitch on each saw blade.  One full turn, and you can cut the opposite slope of the tails in one pass.

The same ease of use can be found in the adjustments to cut the pins.

This saw really takes all of the guesswork out of cutting dovetails, ensuring an airtight fit with minimal effort.

Maybe they’ll take my dovetail saw back in return?

2 thoughts on “I wish I would have held off…”

  1. Of course you realize that this product is set to be released on April 1. Otherwise known as April Fools Day.

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