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Woodworking and listeningAll of the instruction manuals for your power tools tell you to give your complete, undivided attention to operating the tools.  However, if you look into most shops, you will find that woodworkers are splitting their attention – slightly – by listening to music or talk radio while doing their work.

Since it’s very unlikely that you will be continuously running your table saw or router for hours on end, most woodworkers are easily able to focus on those particular cuts for the necessary time and then listen to something else between operations.  And, when it comes to a tedious task like sanding, well, a radio is very much appreicated.

This week, we want to know what you listen to while in the shop.  Sure, you may listen to several different things, but which is the primary thing you will listen to.

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2 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Hey Tom,

    I generally listen to the local NPR station. The music is usually jazz and blues, but I love to listen to “Car Talk” as well. When baseball season is in swing, I think that there is game better suited to radio, than baseball.


  2. I listen to Rock and Roll or R & B during the off season and when there is on game.

    I listen to Braves Baseball during the season.

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