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woodworking projectsWhen most people start woodworking, it’s to build one particular piece. Maybe a storage shelf for the garage or laundry room.  Maybe a table to fit behind a sofa.  Maybe a shoe holder for the closet.

Soon, however, things change dramatically.  That utilitarian project soon gives way to others.  More artistic.  More useful.  More well crafted.

Before you know it, you become a full-fledged woodworker. Once that happens, an interesting phenomena starts to take place.  People tend to build particular types of projects.  Some turn on a lathe, some cut intricate pieces on the scroll saw, and others tackle kitchens full of cabinets.

So, this week, we want to know what is your particular specialty.  Oh, sure, you may occasionally be pulled away from your preferred project for a need in the home.  However, what is the type of project that you are most known for?

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3 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Tom,

    You need a general furniture selection. I have built a number of tables, and I have more to build but I find I am in this to make “furniture” – and lots of small stuff for gifts!

    Love the polls!

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