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Write those lists!Now that we are in to holiday season, I’m sure visions of giving – and receiving – gifts are dancing in your head.

While we would love to believe that those special people in our lives know exactly what they should give us, there are plenty of spouses, siblings, parents and other loving people who don’t have the smallest clue of what to get us… even though we could walk into a Woodcraft store and drop a small fortune on tools.

While many of us would love the opportunity to stroll into a woodworking store and go nuts, others have other interests that help us balance out our lives.

So, without going into gory detail, how does your holiday wish list break out?  Are you looking for all woodworking, or are there other interests appearing on your wish list?

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6 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. As someone who is on sickness benefits any money i get will go on day to day living expenses.
    Sure i would love new tools but i’d rather have
    my health back first.

  2. I believe I’ve already gotten all I’m gonna get for the year. I’ve bought myself a lot of toys lately. It’s time to let Sylvia get caught up on purchases, before I get to be unleashed again.

  3. Since I am a beginner,I like to pick out the tools I need depending on the project I’m working on. This year my wish is to hold my first grand daughter who was born a month ago and resides on the west coast.

  4. This year there will be no presents for me. It is not that I haven’t been a good boy, I’ve been as good as I ever have been. It is just that m wife and I decided that new hardwood flooring would be better.

  5. Tom:

    I have a “focused plan” that I have worked for years. The result has been to fill out my shop wish list. It is 100% ww all the time EVERYBODY who knows me knows the plan. No Socks, ties, BVDS etc. Wood working thats the ticket.

    Simple and uncomplicated choices. I offer lots of help and clues to help things along. Gift Cards are GREAT.

    Now I know thats is better to give than to receive and I keep My ears open so I am on the right track to get others what they really want.

    Here is Hopeing You get EVERYTHING on your list!

    Spoiled Rotten

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