Step into my office…

So, you’re close to graduating high school, and you still haven’t decided what to do with your life?  I mean, I’m sure you are watching those Europeans fighting that war, and the Japanese Empire making trouble over in the Orient.  And, I know the economy has been terrible as of late.  But President Roosevelt says that the future looks bright for us.

I hear you are pretty good with your hands, and you have a good grasp of mathematics.  Since you are having trouble deciding what vocation you want to follow, I’ll thread this film into the projector and we can talk about what kind of job you want after you watch it.

3 thoughts on “Step into my office…”

  1. Beam me back, Scotty! Great film clip. Made all those trades seem glamorous. Thanks, made my day….Tom…….

  2. I saw that clip a few months ago, and just knew I had to put it on the site. Funny thing is that I’m only 40, but I can remember seeing movies like that in my early formative years…

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