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Edge JointingIn order to get tight joinery and excellent results with your woodworking projects, you have to start with flat, straight and true boards.  And, when it comes to edge jointing your boards, there are lots of options out there.

From shelling out big bucks for an aircraft carrier sized jointer to some clever and creative work arounds, everyone has their favorite method for getting their boards edge jointed.

So, what is your preference?  How  do you get  those arrow straight board edges when it comes time to mill your lumber?

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  1. Please don’t hate me. I use my Dj 20 for the most part. I use a Stanley No 7 for that joint that I want to disappear when it’s glued up.

    Combo kid here, Sometimes.

  2. I use the table saw first then if I’m worried about it, I use my small tabletop 6″ jointer. My knuckles get sore enough without dragging them. lol


  3. I prefer to use a jointer if the boards edge is not straight then onto the TS as its fast,just make sure the blade is true 90 deg.


  4. I recently found a Bailey No. 8 at a flea market for $20! That pup is 24″ long and weighs 10 pounds, but you can sure get a true straight edge in no time.

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