Tools I use: My routers

My routersThe router is one of the most versatile tools in the shop.  Edge jointing, profiling, joint cutting, pattern cutting… you name it, and the router is up  to the task.

In my shop, I have two routers or, more accurately, two router set ups I use.

My first router is the DeWalt 618 three-base kit.  The motor swaps between three bases – a plunge, a fixed and a D-handle.  I bought this kit with the intention of mounting the fixed base in a router table and using the plunge and D-handle for handheld work.  The motor moves easily between bases, has a soft start, can accept both 1/2″ and 1/4″ shank bits and is a real pleasure to use.  I like how low the center of gravity is on the router, and the D-handle is a joy to use, giving me more control – especially on the edges of projects.

The other router is permanently fixed on a Rousseau router plate.  It’s a used Freud FT2000E plunge router I bought used.  I took the handles off and the springs out of the plunge base to make getting the router into a table and adjusting bit height easy. One day, I do want to get a method of  raising the router from above the table.  This muscular router is what I turn to for the heavy duty jobs.

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  1. I use my routers on nearly every project. One of the best things I ever did was give away my old Craftsman benchtop router table and mount a Jessem Master lift 2 in the wing of my unisaw. Now setting up is a pleasure instead of a pain. Consistency is the norm instead of the exception, and precision is the expected. It has made me a believer in template routing and now I have been working with shaped dovetails from the Woodline Router Joiner jig.

    Get a lift Tom, and you will never regret it!

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