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Sam Maloof has a few years on most of usExperience is the best teacher.  After all, unless you actually get out and practice karate, fishing, kite flying, golf or some other activity, you can’t develop the skills to get better at your avocation.

The same rules hold true for woodworking.  While some of us completely blow the curve, most woodworkers get better through the years.  After all, takes time to try – and perfecct – new techniques, tools and joints.

So, how many years has it been for you?  Are you a woodworking newbie with just a few months in the shop, or are you an old hand recalling the days when you used to cut wood with stone tools – uphill – through hip-deep snow – and you were THANKFUL for that!

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4 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I’am older then dirt!!!!
    Just kidding
    I’am a full fledged carpenter.
    I now am 61 yrs. young, and build oak stair cases in Florida.

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