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Old Wood-Working Machines

Old Delta UnisawSo, you scored an awesome 1950’s vintage Delta Unisaw from grandpa before he headed off on his around-the-world travel extravaganza.  But, the saw didn’t come with a manual.  And the fence is out of alignment.  And, you’re not 100% sure how to align the trunnions…

And, the old codger will be on the plains of the Serengeti doing his best Marlin Perkins of the Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom impersonation. Completely out of contact.  Bummer.

If this is the case, then you migh want to pay a visit to the Old Wood-Working Machines website.  This outstanding resource serves as a repository of old product manuals, allowing you the opportunity to surf to the right manual for your tool.

From the very common brands such as DeWalt and Craftsman through some of the most obscure one-off manufacutrers, you can find the most complete information on the site.  If you can’t, post your question at their online message boards.

Old Wood-Working Tools doesn’t charge for this information, but does accept donations to support its mission.

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