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Radial Arm SawsSince its invention by Raymond DeWalt back in 1923, the radial arm saw has had quite an interesting history.  Once held as the ultimate home woodworking machine, the saw could crosscut, rip, dado, cut joints and do other tasks with specialized attachments.

While the saw was enjoying its reputation, questions about its accuracy, space utilization and – most importantly – safety were being raised.

With the invention of the power miter saw in the 1970’s, radial arm saw use declined precipitously. While radial arm saws are still produced today, table saws far outsell these machines.

Where do you stand when it comes to these tools?

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  1. I have never really considered a radial arm saw. The footprint is huge and I do a lot of my cross cutting on my pull over mitre-saw. Since I don’t (yet) own a TS I do dadoes etc with a router.

  2. Tom, I sure can’t use one, so I wouldn’t even let my worse enemy use one. I almost cut my left thumb off in 1984 on a radial arm saw and it has defintitely affected my growth as a woodworker. I have only recently (yes, 24 years later) began using a table saw frequently because of my fear and respect for the larger saws.


  3. I could have checked each category you listed. The r/s has it’s place in w/w, but I think it’s main usefulness declined with invention of the mitre saw.

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