Raider of the lost arc

Well, it might be hard for me to hide my excitement…

I was published!

Drawing the arcLee Valley Tools has published an article I wrote about two easy ways to draw arcs on projects. Rather than rely on a bent piece of masonite or some other contraption, simple shop algebra or geometry (OK, stop laughing!) can ensure your arc will perfectly fit what you have in mind for your project.

You can click here to read the entire article and maybe learn a thing or two!

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If you would like to read some of my older published woodworking articles, visit my Woodworking Chops page.

5 thoughts on “Raider of the lost arc”

  1. Congratulations, Tom! This article would have come in handy when I was doing the curves on my step stool.

    I ended up just using some parachute cord that was nailed down to a scrap on one end and tied to a pencil on the other! Had to figure out the perfect distance for the cord to get the right arc, but it worked in the end.

  2. Cool! There you are, Tom. I haven’t been able to read your site for almost two weeks. I’ll have to catch up.

  3. Hey, Vic, welcome back! Marc had told me you were having trouble… Glad to see it got fixed.

    Sit down, get a cuppa joe and do some reading, will ya? 😀

  4. Yes, I noticed that and thought , is that the same TOm !

    Keep up the good work, maybe some day you too can be like Marc S. and quit your day job. Just kidding

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