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How to set up and use a shooting board

Shooting boardHand planes are very useful tools for flattening a board’s face, truing an edge or planing a bevel.  However, if you really want to move your hand planing to a new level, consider using a shooting board.

Shooting boards give you the control you need to accurately plane end grain or miters to absolute precision.   They are easy to build, and the technique to use them is very easy to master.

This site, sponsored by White Mountain Designs, offers step-by-step instructions for building the basic shooting board, add-ons that allow you to plane spot on miters and bevels and tips on how to use the jig with different types of planes.

Even if your power tools are tuned accurately, a shooting board can refine your work to near surgical accuracy.  Take your plane craft to the next level with a shooting board.

2 thoughts on “Link of the week”

  1. Tom,

    Thanks for putting this up. I clicked through to this and found it really comprehensive. There are a lot of shooting board plans out there, but they often skim over the miter and bevel aspects and that is what I really want to use it for. Have you built one? I would like to see it if so and hear your impressions.


  2. I built one once… and it was so useful, I’m not sure where it is in the shop! Guess I gotta clean.

    I remember that I screwed the boards together, but the CW says you should let the top board into the base board.

    Guess it’s time to get back to the shop! 😀

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