3 thoughts on “Quick poll – 3/23 results”

  1. Norm, is that you?? 🙂 Seriously though, NYW has made an art out of the use of stain– but lets face it, I’ve learned a ton from him and the show and have the world’s respect for both.

    Unless I am doing something with a great difference between shades of the same type/species of wood (cherry for example) I leave it natural, though I’m about to try some on a mahagony book case to even out the color.


  2. Hey Tom,

    I prefer not to stain, if at all possible, and I particularly try to avoid reddish stains. My Ol’man use to say,

    “Red stain, red faces.”


  3. I try to get by without stains unless I’m try in match a new piece with something someone else has already stained…as in adding a kitchen cabinet to the ones already in the kitchen from when the house was built.
    I use BLO or Tung oil to make grain pop and follow with protective coats/coat of lacquer or varnish.
    If I need to add color to something I’m building I use dyes as in a dark dye too bring out the figure in curly maple.

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