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Working with hot hide glue

hot hide glueIf you are looking for an adhesive to stick your projects together, there are dozens of choices out there. Some you expect to see in today’s workshop (yellow carpenter’s glues). Others are prized for their specific properties such as being waterproof or extremely tough (epoxy).

Have you ever considered using glues from a bygone age? Hide glue was the norm for centuries in cabinetmaking shops. Today, it’s used by musical instrument makers, antique restorers and a growing number of hobby woodworkers.

Even though it has a reputation as being finicky to work with, hide glue is not as difficult as you think.  It mixes easily, forms a strong bond, repairs nicely and cleans off the wood’s surface without leaving any residue to interfere with a finish.

This site, run by Spurlock Specialty Tools, shows step-by-step how to prepare and use hide glue in everyday woodworking. There’s even a plan to make an inexpensive yet totally effective hot glue pot for less than $20.

If you have ever wanted to try hide glue, this is the site you should consider first.

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