11 thoughts on “Quick Poll – 3/9 results”

  1. But since some blighter in a dark suit and Dark Glases nicked my plasma I’ve had to resort to using the plunge router 🙂

  2. Hey TT,

    Actually, my ‘preferred’ method is hand mortising chisel, but I checked “other” because I most often use the indexed mortising table on my MiniMax 300 combo.


  3. http://www.lagunatools.com/platinummortiser3.htm
    Been in the business professionaly and have used Chain mortisers, chisel mortiser, Maka type mortisers but the best is the Horizontal sot mortiser and loose tenons. You make your mortises on the rails and stiles. The machine is also good as a dowelint machine and horizontal borer. I’m sureprised you didn’t list the horizotal slot mortiser as a category. It’s been around since the 50’s but few hobby mags seem to pick up on it. All the shops I know use them pretty extensively.

  4. Rick, wow… I hadn’t even thought about the horizontal slot mortiser… Guess I haven’t seen it more in the hobby shop.

    You know, I’m gonna add it to the survey just to see…

  5. I’m gonna have to go with Joe Scharle on this one.
    Short of having the Multi-Router Mortiser that David Marks uses, the Woodrat is awesome for doing mortises (either for loose tenon or fixed).

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