Quick Poll – 12/30 results

The results are in! What do you listen to in the shop?

Music on the radio   37%  
The sound of tools   21%  
Talk (sports, news, etc.) radio   17%  
Your MP3 player   13%  
The sound of silence   7%  
Your favorite CD   3%  
Other   3%  
Your spouse talking   0%  

76 total votes  

6 thoughts on “Quick Poll – 12/30 results”

  1. Tom-

    Can’t wait to start reading your thoughts on stuff. Well hopefully your thoughts on woodworking stuff that is. And if you want other stuff too. 🙂

  2. I don’t use any of the methods mentioned. I like to keep my 45º joints natural.

    Since getting my mortiser, I may change my methods.


  3. Haha … funny you should ask … I finally got Work Tunes for Christmas … set up my Belkin transmitter directly to my computer … so I could broadcast what was playing on my computer rather than actually having to carry my I-Pod around the shop … life is good, right … wife still denies messin’ with my computer … but as I finally get settled into the shop and turn on my headset for the first time … I realize, it’s an audio message the wife had recorded to herself about Christmas crap … who’s gettin’ what … what she needs to get to make dinner … my one moment in the sun … was ruined … just simply ruined I tell ya!

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