Welcome everyone

Yes, this is Tom’s Workbench, my blog dedicated to the thrills and challenges of hobby woodworkers around the world.Marc Spagnulo set this up so I can make you laugh, scratch your head in confusion and learn something – sometimes all at the same time!We hobby woodworkers have our own challenges and considerations that are somewhat different than those of commercial folks. Hopefully, this will be a place where we can all put our creative heads together and make some woodworking magic.

5 thoughts on “Welcome everyone”

  1. Hi Tom

    Love your website. Its a great read – keep up the good work. It’s terrific to be able to enjoy woodworking when you can’t get into the workshop. Marc – and Nicole, obviously – have done a good job setting up your website. Keep it coming!!

    (PS – your posts with paragraphs are much easier to read whilst scrolling)

  2. Jaspr –

    Ooopsie! We’re working on that…

    By the way, we’re looking to go official with this sometime in January. So, get ready for the fun.

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