Jingle to the shop!

You know, for the past eight plus years I have been doing this blog, I have been thoroughly impressed by the creativity of the readers when they have sent in projects for contests and when they just want to show them off.

Today’s Last Minute Elf winner is no exception.


This incredible looking frame – made by Steve Henry – features gorgeous curly maple and a sweet looking live edge. Where on earth did he source this awesome looking material?  Let me have Steve tell you:

Here’s a live-edge picture frame made from some curly maple rescued from the firewood pile!  Makes a nice impression, at zero cost.

The FIREWOOD PILE!  Holy smokes, now that would have been a huge loss had been turned to ash. Not only does Steve’s project meet Last Minute Elf specs, it also gets the cheap elf stamp of approval.

A project that sweet deserves a sweet prize pack!  So, Steve, when you find yourself out in the field trying to get some awesome straight line cuts, our friends at Bora Tools want to send you their WTX 50 inch saw guide, the 50 inch extension (that’s 100 inches of cutting length!) and their Bora Saw Plate.

We have a few more days left in the Last Minute Elf event, so if you have any ideas you want to submit, my hairy shop assistant Iggy is standing by!  Be sure to shoot him an e-mail at iggy@tomsworkbench.com.

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