Do I have to do it all?

Hey, everyone. Iggy here, and I just have to tell you how fed up I am with the Tailless Wonder these days. First, it’s champagne and caviar in the desert southwest, now, he can’t focus on what he needs to do in the shop. I mean, come on, you are reading young adult fiction? ┬áSeriously, I think those old Dick and Jane books might be a bit above his reading comprehension.

Come on, Tom...

And, now, look at how he left the shop. Sure, he had a few successes, but I mean, come on. This place is a stye. Couldn’t you at least have picked up some of the crap you left out here? Everything is all in disarray, and not even I, the Trained Shop Monkey, should be expected to work in conditions like these.

What a mess.

So, today, I had to go out there and clean the place up. Seriously. Tools had to go away. I had to vacuum up mounds of sawdust. I had to clean off the tops of his tools to ensure that he’s not getting any rust on them during this Florida deluge.

This is bad

And, rings on your workbench? I mean, what the heck? So, since he’s not going to take the time to get everything into ship shape, I had to step up and make this happen. Swinging by my tail, I managed to get all of the stuff out there sorted into piles, the tools put away, the finish scraped off the top of the workbench and even give the place a thorough vacuuming. Presto, changeo, look at what I was able to do with just about half an hour’s worth of work…

See what you can do when you put your mind to it?

Now that’s done, I have to get ready for a few projects. I have to fix a chair a friend brought over to the shop that just needs a little bit of TLC before it gets put back into circulation, and the round coffee table is coming up fast.


For now, however, I sent Tom out to do a little extra cleaning while I sip a cold drink and read one of these books. You know, they aren’t as trashy as you would think they are at first glance…

One thought on “Do I have to do it all?”

  1. There’s a bag of “Monkey Treats” in it for you Iggy if you ever want to come over here for a little shop clean up… ­čÖé
    Man, this place could use it…

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