‘Tis the season

Gift lists are being drawn up as we speak. People are starting to get nervous, thinking about shipping deadlines. And, woodworkers around the world are starting to think, “Wow, I really should get out into the shop to start building those holiday presents.”

Last Minute Elf 2014

Yup, the Last Minute Elf week is in full swing, and we’re hoping that the spirit of the season is upon each of you and in your shops.

Yesterday, I posted an entry over at the Modern Woodworkers Association website about the meaning behind the gifts that we can build, and I hope you take the opportunity to read it. It’s not my usual funny banter, but more of a heartfelt look at the meaning behind what we build.

We are also still looking for you guys to submit your entries for projects for the Last Minute Elf contest. Submit some creative ideas for easy to build projects for the holiday season.   We are looking for you to show off your absolutely awesome ideas for holiday gifts can can be built quickly, finished easily and shipped in time to make that special someone tickled to be the lucky recipient.

We are coming up with some special prize packages for the best ideas for some different categories, including:

  • Best Turned project
  • Greenest project (using recycled materials)
  • Best project that will fit inside a large USPS flat rate shipping box (12 inches x 12 inches x 5 1/2 inches)
  • Best gift for a child
  • Best gift for an adult
  • Coolest tip to build a holiday project on time

If you think you can build something to fit one of these categories, we want to hear from you. Be sure to submit your entry – photos included – to iggy@tomsworkbench.com with the subject line that reads:  Last Minute Elf Entry no later than December 28 (we figure that you will be rushing to get the project done by December 25 or 26, and will want to spend some time with your families instead of posting pics to us… thus, the extra days!). Once we get the entries, we will read the tea leaves and pick ourselves a few winners.

Be sure to check out the projects we will be posting over at the Modern Woodworkers Association webpage.

Now, can I get something built in time? Only if Iggy and I work together…

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