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Three essential tricks for recycling pallets

So, you want to try your hand at building a project from recycled pallet wood. That’s nice…

But, how do you go about ripping that pallet apart without breaking the boards, leaving buried nails in the pieces or losing your patience?

Pallets! Pallets! Pallets!

This page from a website called Cigar Box Guitar Parts (LOVE that name) gives the three most essential tricks on how to turn a shipping pallet into some prime lumber for projects in your shop.

Besides getting free (in many cases) lumber for your projects, upcycling pallets can help reduce the amount of stuff going into the refuse stream. Talk about going – and saving – some green!

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  1. Izzy Swan shows how to build a pallet “breaker-up-er” to make the job much easier and faster with good results in saving the most wood. He calls it the “Pallet Pal” and can be found n YouTube. Check it out, it is simple and easy to build.


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