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Woodworker’s Safety Day

It is a tradition started by Marc Spagnuolo over at the Wood Whisperer, and it is now being continued by the Modern Woodworkers Association. It’s Woodworkers Safety Day, and it’s a time for us to take some time out from our normal routines, and to think about staying safe in the shop.


How do we plan on celebrating this day on May 17? It’s easy…

If you are a blogger, take a little time out of your posting schedule and write a post about some aspect of woodworking safety. Maybe a jig you built that keeps your hands away from a spinning bit or blade. Maybe a piece of safety equipment that you can’t do without. Maybe even a story about a hard-learned lesson.

Be sure to send that link to me at, and we can post it for others to find.

Thanks for your help!

2 thoughts on “Non-Link of the week”

  1. I am always wary of my table saw. I use featherboards,jury-rigged jigs, clamps and splitters to keep me safe.

    3 weeks ago a piece of worn drive belt flicked out through the slot and hit me in the face at some force. My whole body flinched and ‘kissed’ the blade with my finger tip.

    It’s healed now, but it could have been so much worse.

    Checking the condition of the drive belt is now a weekly event.

    Keep safe comerades..

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