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Wood is beautiful. That’s why we work with it.

But, there are those times when we want to make our projects even more beautiful. We can do that with design, blending species – or by doing an inlay.

A gorgeous inlay done by Marc SpagnuoloInlays can be very simple or uber complicated, with multiple species intertwined in decorative designs.

Today, let us know if you have ever done an inlay on your projects, and what you thought about the process.


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  1. Our Guild (cfwg.org) just had the good fortune of having Glen Huey come last weekend and teach us Line & Berry inlay.
    It was challenging for those of us that tried it for the first time, but Glen made it easy to understand.
    This will be something I try and get better at. It definitely enhances any project you add it to.
    I used the piece I created as a trophy plaque for the annual fishing tournament my brothers and I have.
    It was a lot of fun.
    Thanks Tom.

  2. Of course I have, after all I created the template system that makes decorative inlays EZ to build. Just out of curiosity have you tried building that Rosebud inlay from the kit I sent you last year?

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