Get Woodworking Week 2014 – Saturday

As we wrap up Get Woodworking Week 2014, it’s important to note that we began and ended with contests of great physical effort.

On Sunday, the Seahawks beat the Broncos in the SubPar Super Bowl, and today is…

The Sochi Winter GamesNo, it’s not the Winter Olympics, although I am looking forward to watching some of that crazy four-man bobsled competition. I mean, those guys can fly down that track. Oh, and hockey…

But, today really is about the City of Largo’s Adventure Run. Rhonda convinced me that this mud/obstacle run through one of the city’s nature parks would be a good thing to participate in.

Largo's Adventure run

Last year, I watched her and her friend tackle the course, climbing walls, running through obstacles and crawling head-first through deep pools of sticky, gloppy mud.

When the first registration fliers came out for this year’s event, I thought about ways I could weasel out of it. “Oh, it’s going to be too cold.” “Oh, I can’t run 5K, my knees would hurt too much.” “Oh, I don’t have any old sneakers to wear…”

Eventually, Rhonda looked at me and said, “Why don’t you just get off your behind and do this?”

Laying out dovetailsAs we leave Get Woodworking Week, I think the most important lesson of all came from my wife. For many of us, we hold ourselves back from trying new things in our shops. Chairs are too difficult. I can never cut a mortise and tenon. I’m not comfortable working with expensive wood.

Maybe we know we want to show our spouses, children, friends or neighbors what we do, but are not sure we are good enough to serve as teachers. Maybe we even are too modest to show off our successful projects because someone may notice a few imperfections.

teaching woodworking

We now have 51 weeks until next year’s Get Woodworking Week. And, I’m pretty sure that many of you out there truly meant to pass along your woodworking knowledge to others, but time and circumstances conspired to get in the way. Here’s a challenge to each of you… Do something… anything… between now and next year’s event to help spread the love of woodworking to someone new. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, but, believe me, it will have a huge payoff as we get more new woodworkers off the sidelines and into the shop.

And, one day in the future, someone will look back on their woodworking hobby and recall how you gave them the kick in the pants to make it happen.

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2 thoughts on “Get Woodworking Week 2014 – Saturday”

  1. I’m really just a beginner at woodworking but I did (finally) manage to show my best friend how to use the Dremel workshop that I have in my garage. She collect and decorates in 12″ doll furniture, mainly has used foam and cardboard to fashion her creations. I introduced her to the scroll saw and the different Dremel tools that could make much sturdier pieces. Also explained better way for her to stain and the different sheen’s for finishing the items. Proud to say she has made a table and we designed chairs also to be made from wood. So, though I’m not that good with making things, at least I was able to get another woman interested in learning more about wood and tools!

  2. Some great posts this week Tom.
    I got my two older brothers in the shop while they were down for Super Bowl week, and we went over many of the processes that they were a little shaky on.
    We were out there for quite a while and had a lot of fun.
    I’m going to start a couple of simple projects and send them to them to finish.
    They are looking forward to it.

    Get Woodworking Week was great this year.
    Thanks !

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