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Longleaf Lumber

Many years ago, when factories around the United States were springing up during the Industrial Revolution, many of those structures were built with massive beams made of woods such as chestnut, Douglas fir and southern yellow pine.

As the years passed, and companies either went out of business or moved to more modern facilities, those buildings deteriorated, crumbling with the onslaught of time.

An American Chestnut IslandFortunately, there are companies such as Longleaf Lumber, which have the foresight to see these abandoned buildings for what they are – a vast storehouse of prime, old-growth lumber.

On their site, you can see some of the old buildings they have salvaged lumber from, check out their stock and see portfolios of projects built with the wood they have salvaged.

This site is a must-visit for wood lovers and historians.

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