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Nice Ash Planes

Hey, that’s one Nice Ash Plane… or is that six?

Some Nice Ash planesYes, you have read that correctly.  Nice Ash Planes is a company based out of Kentucky that uses local craftsmen to make wooden hand planes from locally-sourced ash. They are very well made, and the company even makes its own plane irons (you can get them unsharpened from the heat treatment… they are the Half Ashed plane irons…).

Their offerings include planes from the Smooth Ash to the Jack Ash to the Big Ash jointer…And, when you equip one of these babies with their Round Ash blades, you get – an Ash Scrubber.

They are as much fun to talk about as they are to use. What are you waiting for?  Get off your ash and learn more about them!


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  1. did you get a chance to use these planes at WIA? Just wondering how the compare with other wood hand plane makers out there.

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