I made a boo-boo

You know, I’ve been talking about the Last Minute Elf project since September. And, I have even worked with some of the biggest names in the woodworking world to line up some sweet prizes for a contest for the best last-minute project designs.

Holiday presentsAnd, I forgot one most important thing… Where to send the submissions!

So, here we go again.

Build a simple gift project that can be completed in a weekend in an average hobby workshop, and the design needs to be your own (not pulled directly from a commercially-produced plan).

Submit it to tom@tomsworkbench.com

Be sure to select which category you want to submit it to:

  1. Best Turned project
  2. Greenest project (using recycled materials)
  3. Best project that will fit inside a large USPS flat rate shipping box (12 inches x 12 inches x 5 1/2 inches)
  4. Best gift for a younger child (ages to birth 12 years old)
  5. Best gift for a Teenager (ages 13 – 20)
  6. Best gift for an adult (20 or above)

The Last Minute Elf

And, that should be about it!

Right now, the current prize list stands at (With the newest ones on top):

A wooden snowflakeNow, here comes the best part. So far, I have gotten one … that’s right … ONE entry. Help us spread the wealth by submitting your plans. Get out into those shops and come up with some sweet inspiration to help those who may be waiting until the very last minute.


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