The Last Minute Elf gets serious

It was just a short month ago when I announced the latest woodworking event for everyone to participate in – the Last Minute Elf. And, so far, the response has been great. I have been sent a lot of small project ideas, and things are starting to pick up some steam. Heck, we even have a Facebook page.

The Last Minute Elf

To help get things moving even faster, we’re upping the ante when it comes to the event. That’s right, we’re going big time here – with the Last Minute Elf project contest.

Hey, I know I’m not the first person to think of building easy holiday projects. Over the years, I have seen lots of beautiful, clever and easy to build projects that were thought of mere days before they were due to be delivered, but made the deadline. That’s why I’m turning to you for your inspiration for this event.

Me and Iggy working hard in the shop

The rules should be easy enough to follow … Build a simple gift project that can be completed in a weekend in an average hobby workshop, and the design needs to be your own (not pulled directly from a commercially-produced plan). I’m thinking we can break this into a few categories…

  1. Best Turned project
  2. Greenest project (using recycled materials)
  3. Best project that will fit inside a large USPS flat rate shipping box (12 inches x 12 inches x 5 1/2 inches)

And, of course, we will also have a special prize for the best of show. How will those winners be picked? Well, I’m looking to assemble a panel of judges who can weigh in on this and help me select the winner. In order to do the judging right, we’ll need to have pictures and plans of those projects in no later than November 24. That gives us some time before the Thanksgiving holiday here in the states to get them judged.

And, what will those winners get? I’m working with the folks I know to see if we can get prizes for this event, and so far, the generosity has been awesome…

There are definitely more to come, but I’d say this is a pretty awesome start!  I’ll keep you updated as they come in.

I’m looking forward to seeing what comes in.


2 thoughts on “The Last Minute Elf gets serious”

  1. You want plans? For a last minute project? It seems to me that last minute and plans are mutually exclusive.

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