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Since its invention by Raymond DeWalt back in 1923, the radial arm saw has had quite an interesting history.  Once held as the ultimate home woodworking machine, the saw could crosscut, rip, dado, cut joints and do other tasks with specialized attachments.

A radial arm sawWhile the saw was enjoying its reputation, questions about its accuracy, space utilization and – most importantly – safety were being raised.

With the invention of the power miter saw in the 1970′s, radial arm saw use declined precipitously. While radial arm saws are still produced today, table saws far outsell these machines.

Where do you stand when it comes to these tools?


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  1. I have one of the old Delta models at work. It is the only tool that I can cut 24″ slabs with in half a second. Yes, I could use a circ saw(no dust collection), can’t us a table saw for cross cutting long pieces, sliding miter saws cannot cut as wide as a radial arm saw or as deep, and I actually see them as a safer way to cut large pieces of wood. I have never had an accident with the tool, or even a close scare. I think they are given an unfair shake. For large production work in large shops, I think they are something of a luxury, but I wouldn’t trade the one I have at work for anything.

  2. I started woodworking with my dad on a 1953 craftsman. When the old machine became old and unsafe I replaced it with a new craftsman. I am most proud of my father’s wood working ability. I hope that I can live up to his expertise. I use it on almost all projects.

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