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Everything in woodworking has a cost.  It costs to buy wood.  It costs to buy glue.  It costs to buy fasteners, jigs, electricity for the lights…

And, most importantly, it costs to buy tools.

A powerful Unisaw could set you back a few dollars
A powerful Unisaw could set you back a few dollars

Whether you have a massive, professional shop full of state-of-the-art monster tools or you have scoured the classified ads looking for ultra bargains, there is little doubt that you have made an outlay of cash to get what you need.

This week, I want to know what was the most you ever spent on ONE single tool.  Maybe it was that large cabinet saw, the hand-made infill plane you had commissioned or the large cyclone dust collector to keep your shop neat.  Just give us the price range you were operating in. Thanks for voting!

[For my international viewers, the values are in U.S. Dollars.  To convert your currency to USD, visit this Universal Currency Converter. Thanks!]

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