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Andy Chidwick teaches a new generation

So, what has woodworking coach and mentor Andy Chidwick been up to? Well, he’s only been teaching some members of the next generation of woodworkers in his shop together with Salem, Oregon shop teacher Dan Mattson.

In many ways, this program is not just teaching woodworking – it’s also helping to get at-risk kids looking forward to a more successful future…

One of the greatest challenges faced by this teaching team was their lack of interest in this subject and getting the students to see beyond the now to realize what kind of industry skills they could develop. Through hands-on instruction, a healthy dose of competition and the very real possibility that they may lose their space in the program if they chose not to focus on what was being done has already developed a sense of pride in each of these students.

Read along with Andy and company as they do their life-changing work.

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