I should put on my monkey suit

Hey, everyone, Iggy here.  You know, I can’t believe that Wood Magazine STILL agrees to post stuff from Tom.  Talk about slumming… that’s kind of like watching Donald Trump drive around in a rusted out 1993 Geo Metro. But, hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

Anyway, my hairless primate friend has struck gold again on page 22 of the September 2013 edition of the esteemed Wood Magazine.

September 2013 Wood Magazine

This time, he’s talking about how to be a good neighbor while woodworking. Sure, if you were a hand-tool exclusive woodworker – or work in the middle of a 100-acre secluded compound – I bet you won’t have much to worry about. But, for the rest of us, coming up with a good game plan will help make neighbor relations a whole lot more pleasant.

Unless, of course, you are Tom’s neighbor.  Then, all bets are off…



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