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The Digital Woodworker

Some woodworkers love to turn. Others love to use hand tools. Still others love to fire up their ultra-high-duty powered tools and let the sawdust fly.

But, a woodworking blog about tortilla presses? Llamas? Dude, get ready for a trip to Nik Brown’s blog!

Nik Brown getting down with the rip saw

Nik is one heck of a Renaissance guy. His blog covers many different aspects of woodworking. Hand tool selection? It’s in there – with his blended East meets West approach. Milk paint? You betcha – it’s a great finish, and Nik takes the time to tell you why. Photography? Welding? Llamas? Hey, it’s his blog!  Let him write whatever he wants!

I would say that Nik is serious about his fun, but he is about as goofy as I am, so it’s safe to say he takes his goofing around seriously. He’s been a big time supporter of the blog, and my hat is off to him.


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