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With Woodworkers Safety Day coming up this Wednesday, May 1, it’s the perfect time to take a moment to assess your shop’s safety plans and procedures.  Remember that one moment of inattention can lead to an injury that can leave you sidelined from woodworking for weeks, months, potentially forever.

A Grr-ripper push block in action

This week, let’s take a look at devices that give you more control and keep your hands farther away from the blades and bits we work with… push sticks and other devices. Whether cut from a simple piece of scrap plywood or elegantly designed devices such as the GRR-Ripper push blocks, these tools can help keep your fingers out of the danger zone and have you work with more confidence.  Do you use them regularly, or do you just keep them around the shop to make you look more safe?


4 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I recently picked up a grr-ripper. I didn’t think I had good control of the work piece with traditional push sticks.

  2. Between my 8th grade shop teacher and the 4 finger guy from the SawStop ads, I’m done with my power tools. I thought about buying a SawStop, but for the price I can buy a shop full of nice Lie-Nielson tools.

  3. For years I have used contractor table saws with NO safety items. In March, 2010 I made a stupid mistake and ended up cutting my thumb and finger pretty seriously. Fortunately all has healed and I am (almost) as good as new. But it was no fun! I bought the GRRRRIPPER stuff and a new table saw with all the safety equipment . I am beyond careful now. SawStop is very much desired, but not in my budget (maybe if they offered a payment plan?). I know, what is a finger or two worth?

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