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Dan Alleger Woodworking

For those of you who may be wondering where my post was on Wednesday, it didn’t happen.  Instead, I was at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside at the National Hurricane Conference teaching – and learning – about hurricanes. With hurricanes Isaac and Sandy fresh in everyone’s mind, well, it was a great conference where we learned lots.

A beautiful Morris Chair Dan built

No, I didn’t get to do any woodworking, but I did get to see some tremendous, historic woodwork. Since I was in the Big Easy, I decided that perhaps today would be a great time to highlight a New Orleans woodworker. Dan Alleger has been doing woodworking in New Orleans since 1997, and his work is really spot on. Not only is he building new things, he also does restoring – a skill that came in very handy after 2005’s Hurricane Katrina.

Check out his work.  I think you will like woodworking with a N’Awlins feel.

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