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Dovetail joints are a classic way to join the corners of a project.  They look timeless and offer great strength.

As mass production of wooden pieces came into play, manufacturers found it easy to lose the slope on the pins and tails and modify the joint into a box joint.  This was used on utilitarian projects as well as finer furniture and still remains an option for woodworker today.

A box joint

Just as with the dovetail, there are many ways to make a box joint.  Table saws, routers and even hand tools can form the interlocking fingers and make a strong and attractive joint.

This week, let us know what is your preferred method of cutting box joints.


4 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I have use all of those methods at one time or another. In fact on one small project, I even used my scroll saw!


  2. I use a homemade jig and table saw to cut box joints.

    If you drill and pin that corner with an oak dowel of whatever size you choose, you will have a joint as bomb proof as a dovetail.

  3. Tom,

    I like this survey! But a couple of points:

    1. A craftsman may have more than one jig.

    2. Relatively recent developments allow the use of a jig to machine dovetails, and also finger/box joints.

    3. I believe box joints should be more widely used. Until recently, they were a pain, or could be a pain in the rear.

    4. Enter the Leigh R9 Plus. Sweet!

    Al Navas
    Country Club, Missouri, USA

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