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Hobbies are fun. They take you away from the everyday world and give us a chance to stretch our creative wings after doing the nine-to-five grind. But, ask many hobbyists, and they’ll tell you that they have several past times… in the kitchen… in the garden… in the music studio… on the open water… in the garage… and on and on.

Fishing is another fun hobby

This week, tell us where woodworking falls on your list of hobbies. Is it your one-and-only love, or do you spread time between several avocations?

4 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Woodworking, fishing, and pro sports, with a little cooking thrown in.
    Is there anything else ?

    Oh wait, gardening, long walks on the beach and flower shows…
    (those last ones are just in case the boss see this….) lol

  2. Woodworking and genealogy are, or were, my two greatest passions. Phasing out the latter and trying to work my way into the former. Of course fishing and golfing come into play now and again.

  3. Scroll sawing has been my passion since my start in woodworking. While living in Saint Petersburg, Fl. My passion led me to the St Pete Woodcrafters Guild. There I received instruction, advice and accolades. I am on the road now as a travel nurse and I carry a scroll saw and my set-up in a footlocker I my trunk. I usually make my pieces and give them away. It’s just a hobby.

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