Get Woodworking Week 2013

Last year, it was just a simple idea. With shop classes taken out of schools and the profusion of uber-cheap particleboard furniture designed to be tossed in a few years, the number of woodworkers out there is shrinking. Why not hold an event that encourages potential woodworkers to get off their butts and take the leap?

That’s exactly what we did last February during Get Woodworking Week. During this weeklong event in 2012, nearly 50 articles were written by woodworking bloggers around the country –  and the world. And, it was awesome.

Get Woodworking Week 2013

Well, this year, we’re doing it again. Get Woodworking Week is scheduled for February 3 – 9, and I am looking forward to this. This year, I am  looking forward to the articles on woodworking blogs. I am looking forward to getting additional promotional support from some big names in woodworking. I am looking forward to trying to line up a few goodies for budding woodworkers to win so they can help develop their skills.

And, most importantly, I am looking forward to nudging a few people who may be sitting on the fence to try their hand at our interesting, ever challenging and totally rewarding craft. After all, if we don’t reach out to future woodworkers, who will?

Stay tuned as we get ready to get this event underway!


4 thoughts on “Get Woodworking Week 2013”

  1. This stirred up a lot of interest last year, and I hope it does the same this year !
    Thank Tom !

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